‘‘ A thousand times I cried because of you, ’’
a million times these tears were shed because of love.
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Girl's Day!!
Friday, 18 November 2011 @ 02:43
Heyyaaaa!!! i'm baaaack!!
okay now im gonna tell youwhat i've done on november 5th hahah i know it's too late to share this.. But i wanna hmmm~ i dont know how to say this LOL

Okay, at november 5th it was Saturday and my school ( SMA NEGERI 8 TANGERANG ) let the Students to go home earlier.. it was such a miracle!! bwahahah Okay, back to the TOPIC!!
I decided to not directly come home, so i joined wif Tika Larasiwi , Akang Pebeh , Dea , and Tasha !! Actually at that time I still had an extraculiculer that i had to do.. but i felt bored and too lazy to sing, yeaaah I'm a part of  DELTA Choir !! So, we ( me and Gabiy ) took a step to leave the art room~ hahahahah

6 of us ride a motor and went to ECC.. ECC? WHAT'S THAT? Hahah i dont know exactly about the name.. All I know is ECC is paradise for the COMIC LOVER~ we stayed at there almost 1 hour, but who did buy just 2 of us --' LOL after paid that comics, we used our motors to go to TASHA'S HOUSE!! \(^O^)/ ULALA~

Hold up!! not just it.. we parked our motors in front of the fance, and entered the house.. before we came in to her room, Dea said "in this room there are so many pair of eyes that will stare at you!!" Whaaaaat?!!
I was PASSIONATELY CORIOUS about that!! i went in and... OMOOOOOO!!! there are so many posters that glued on the wall... and that's all KOREAAAAAN!! oh!! i forgot something 6 of us are JKPOP~ HAHAHA after a while, we did our own activities.. suddenly i got bored again TT.TT buuuuuuut u know what??? "Mie Ayam" seller was passing in front of Tasha's House.. her Mom buy it, for me, gabiy, tasha and dea.. so, how about Pebeh and Tika?? oh!! they were fasting that day :'D

Before the "Mie Ayam" came up, we saw videos from my lappy... We sang out loud with 2PM's Song-Without You hahahah we sang while pebeh reading the magz and gabiy was busy with her phone :O hahahah
okay okay... the "Mie Ayam" was comiiiiiing!!! 4 of us left pebeh and tika at room while we enjoying the "Mie Ayam" hahhahaha that was Delicious~ hehhe
after we finished wif "Mie Ayam", we came in to the room again and we had no idea what to do --'

in the End we took so many pictures, and i have not upload it yet Y.Y sorry gals... and these are some of them :D





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