‘‘ A thousand times I cried because of you, ’’
a million times these tears were shed because of love.
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Friday, 18 November 2011 @ 17:33

behind those walls i hide
in the moment you’re 100miles apart of my sight
never ask me why and how did i make things implied
for no reasons you just fit in my heart
ever since to the world has no one ever know
through the stars in the milky way above
no matter how hard this feeling try to take a bow
secretly i’m the only one who patiently wait with love
through the nights and days those fireflies glows
for every spring, summer, autumn, either winter
each pieces of this irreplaceable dreams flows
seems no care yet just being a dreamer
ever since no words could ever describe
this undeniable things i’ve felt within whole-heartedly
hence with a glance of sincere eye i tried
singing a comprehension of how i admire you endlessly
through those incredulous flowers bud of the day, blushing
this invisible trace, anywhere , everywhere i’ll make it persistant
within miserable nor ardent ways i hardly keep the courageous unseen
until the future grace where my existance are be able to be seen

Inspired from ME..
and it's all about CAPUNG..

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