‘‘ A thousand times I cried because of you, ’’
a million times these tears were shed because of love.
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Perhaps You~
Friday, 16 December 2011 @ 05:11
today i went to Mall with my friends.. we entered to the bookstore.. and we found a novel with tittle "perhaps you..". We read the synopsis, that so Us...

Here the Synopsis:

"Don't you know how does it feel, An unriquited heart? Waiting for something that has not come?

Day goes on, but My heart's direction never change---always directed to you.
I'm never getting tired of waiting, waiting to be loved.. However, You just think there's no me..
It's like I'm a tangible thing..

Sometimes, My fatigue tells me to give up, begs me to stop doing something useless and start to look for the new love..
But, How can I be that strong to do that if all about you follows me like a shadow on my feet?
And how do I burn down all these misses of many years of languishing in my heart?

I wish could get the answer from you. But, you keep your mouth off, made me longer to wait.."

That's all, sorry for my bad english :( Ohhhh~ I forgot to say the writter.. heheh she's Stephanie Zen :D

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