‘‘ A thousand times I cried because of you, ’’
a million times these tears were shed because of love.
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Friday, 27 January 2012 @ 06:08
i got this "birthday later" from my cousin.. heheh
she gave me this and DVD :)

And this is from my bestie Annisa Ayu Bekti !! hahah

Hhaha hair band and little crown from my schoolmate aka classmate aka seatmate
Gabriella Widyanti Kusumaningrum :)) i love the way you gave those things.. heheh

The last but not least.. Cute Cupcake with my name on that.. hahah
from my sista Ryane Emillia :)) too cute to be eaten :"D

I wanna Thanks to All who gave me so many things and their care to me.. thanks to my god, my parent, my family, and my friends... thanks for all who always support me and always give advices and more.. thanks for wasting your time with me.. Thanks for the cares, laugh, smiles, jokes, and more.. Thanks for always patient with my childish or unimportant things..Thanks For always beside me, and thanks for your existance, gals! :D

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