‘‘ A thousand times I cried because of you, ’’
a million times these tears were shed because of love.
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My Wish
Thursday, 19 January 2012 @ 02:07
Long time not post everything in hereee~ kkkk so,what's im gonna post in this 1st post?? hmm my 1st post in 2012, actually hahahh

OK! January 15th is my birthday.. a lot of greeting from my friends anddddd... guess what?!!
im kinda upset! no, it's not kinda! i felt hmmm soooooo upset!
why??? CAPUNG didnt say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to me :'(
a lot of gifts that i've got but all i want is "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" from capuuuuuung!!! :'O

Who can bring him to me and make him say it to me?!!!!

wish i can get it :')

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